Deja Boom Inc:
Deja Boom Inc. is the love child of Barry and Barbara (Bobbie) Siegel, who's "déjá vu" is returning to the music business after a 30-year respite to run an ad agency, create a recruitment process outsourcing company and raise a family.á As boomers themselves, the Siegels saw an opportunity, through a glaring void in the marketplace, to supply new music to the over 45 set.á How long can baby boomers listen to music created 30-50 years ago, now being performed by 60-year old entertainers singing about problems encountered during puberty?á Barry and Bobbie concluded that their generation deserved music, which would make them laugh, cry, dance, reminisce and celebrate life.á And, partially because every 7.5 seconds another baby boomer turns 50 years old.á This is a generation searching for deeper meaning and spirituality as a legacy.á What better way to discover harmony than for all these components to come together in a new musical experience or happening?

The Siegels met while performing in New York City—she a drummer with a variety of popular groups appearing in Manhattan's upper east side and Grossinger's famed resort.á She also did some back-up work to some of the biggest names in the business including The Platters and The Coasters.á He—a tenor sax player, songwriter/producer who played with The Royal Teens (the group best known for "Short Shorts") and backed famous stars including Gary U.S. Bonds and The Coasters.á Barry wrote a big hit, "Moonflight," in 1968, just prior to he and Bobbie deciding to get married and "settle down" to a more traditional lifestyle.

The Siegels recently took their vision of Deja Boom Inc. to two incredible Houston performers— Dean Scott and Brother Michael Spencer.

Dean and Brother Michael both took less than 7.5 seconds to say yes to this new record label and the concept of creating music for a generation, which has been ignored by today's producers.áá Deja Boom is music with both a past and a future.á A sound that resonates with a sophisticated audience, which wants to live life to the fullest.

Born between the end of WWII and 1964, Baby Boomers changed American life and music.

Deja Boom Inc. is doing thatů all over again.