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Judeo Christian Soul Deja Boom
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Hear the CD!
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Welcome to Deja Boom, our love child. We're Barry and Bobbie Siegel, two musicians who met while performing in New York in the 1960's and early 1970's with some of the greatest rock and roll legends of the day. Now, more than 30 years later, this is our Déjá vu… recording music with a similar sound to that which we fell in love with (and to) when we were a bit younger. Dean Scott's album, "Introducing Deja Boom," will make Baby Boomers laugh, cry, dance, reminisce, and celebrate life… all at the same time. But, in addition to having fun, our generation is also concerned with finding purpose for the rest of our years. We're also determined to preserve our values, and very way of life which has come under attack. That being said, it was only natural to complement the nostalgic hilarity of Dean Scott's work with the brilliant spiritual messages of Brother Michael Spencer's "Judeo-Christian Soul."

So go ahead. Be nostalgic. Listen for yourself to our old songs with an updated "twist," and our new songs based upon the soul of the 1960's. Both albums are great gift items.

Thanks for the visit. We hope you'll enjoy our work as much as we did writing, producing, arranging, and performing with Dean, Brother Michael, Mike Duffy, Luke Wayne Richards and all the other great musicians, vocalists and engineers who made us proud.

Barry and Bobbie Siegel