The first time anyone heard Mike Duffy sing in front of a live band was when Mike lent his voice to the Alvin Community College band as a guide vocal so the band could rehearse for an upcoming show. When he finished, the band director looked at Mike and said, "where did you come from?" Next thing Mike knew he was the featured singer for the ACC Jazz Band on a tour of Mexico City, as well as performances in Texas.

In 1981, Mike continued to perform in Texas rock and blues clubs with bands like Kneon Knights, Driver, Nick Young & The Powerhouse, opening for Van Wilkes, Head East, Lou Ann Barton, and Bachman, Turner Overdrive.

Through the generosity of his brother Pat, Mike recorded his first record. "Whenever you're ready," received local airplay and the session was produced and recorded by one of the best sound engineers Texas ever had, Burt Frilote.

As the youngest of six children born to parents of the WWII generation, Mike grew up with everything from Bing Crosby to Grand Funk Railroad and from The Mills Brothers to The Temptations.  In 1987 he decided to takes those influences on the road. For the next several years he entertained from coast to coast on the Marriott and Adam's Mark hotel circuits, 4 sets a night, 6 nights a week, 45 weeks a year.

Road weary, Mike returned home to Houston in 1992 to work for the Houston Fire Department. But his passion for music kept him singing in Church and with Billie Ledbetter's Orchestra and soon Mike discovered an appreciation for the music of his parents' era. 

Then, through a mutual friend, Larry Chelette, Mike met a man he had known of for years but never met — the entertainer's entertainer — Dean Scott who invited Mike to sing a couple of songs with him.  Afterwards Dean asked him, "why are you in the Fire Department?"

Mike answered that he loves his job, and loves to entertain, so by the grace of God and support of good friends and family, Mike is going to do both for as long as he can.